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This next fun senior picture model shoot is called Black Rain. The idea was inspired by a model shoot I did a year ago.  I was photographing the beautiful Alex at a lodge on Snoqualmie pass and it started pouring rain at the end of the shoot.  Instead of calling it quits, we wrapped the camera equipment in plastic bags and kept shooting.  I back lit my subject and added a little fog and got some amazing images which you can view here. This got me thinking that I should try a rain theme for one of my senior picture model sessions.  I’d have to create an indoor set that made rain and then have a way to catch the water in a tank of some kind.  My resourceful stylist Kelly found a friend that would allow us to create this water set in his shop. As you can imagine this was quite a project.  It took several days of planning and about 14 hours to build the set. I’m so thankful Kelly’s husband Jay was willing to help us. We suspended sprinklers from an overhead structure and the water collected into a 2×4 framework that was covered in black plastic on the ground. A water pump was set up to keep the frame from overflowing with water and flooding the shop. A black fabric background was needed because the black plastic created too much glare. I used a main soft box and a two light set up for the background lights to illuminate the falling water.  All the model wore black and we used bright accessories for a pop of color.  All the models were so amazing.  It was spring time and the water came from the hose.  As you can imaging it was not warm but I didn’t hear one complain from these girls.  They splashed, played and even laid down in the water when I asked them.  I’m very happy with the images  I got from this model shoot. There are some things that I’d do different if I end up doing it again but it was a great experience and a lot of fun.  Thank you Gaylyn’s Salon for the make up and hair and a big thanks to Corey for the use of his shop and Jay for all his help with the set.  If you’re interested in becoming a Photonuvo senior picture model please apply here before January your Junior year.

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