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Lexi was a senior at West Valley High School who came to me for her senior pictures.  She loves travel and vintage things.  She wanted me to capture a retro feeling in her senior portraits.  The challenge was on and I collected a few vintage props to use.  I chose the train depot as the perfect blend of both loves.  We also photographed in the Ellensburg alleys and then headed out to one of my favorite parks.  It was a perfect day to play in the water and mud of the Yakima River. I loved the variety of Lexi’s senior session. It’s always fun planning a session around what’s unique to the individual senior!senior pictures girl vintage  senior pictures girl railroad tracks senior girl pictures Yakima river


Bohemian fashion is making a statement in all the stores this year so I let the fashion decide this senior picture model shoot.  I just love the Boho fashions and they are in abundance in all the stores. We found plenty of adorable outfits for this model shoot at TJ Maxx.  Since it was a winter shoot we decided to create a set in the studio that would compliment the clothes so the models wouldn’t freeze.  Kelly created this one on her own.  She had a very cool vision of pallets and tumble weed light shades. She and her hubby hauled 18 gigantic, very heavy pallets up my flight and a half of stairs to use for the foundation of the set. She also found and collected a large quantity of tumble weeks, some of which were very thorny.  (Not quite sure how I got out of all the hauling for this set but I did)  She then turned my studio into an amazing set for this model shoot. The models had a great time and were perfect for this shoot. Thank you Gaylyn’s Salon for the fabulous hair and makeup and to all the models who rocked the fashion and to Kelly who created this amazing set.

senior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shoot

What’s full of color and super fun?  A Pop Art senior picture model shoot at Photonuvo!! I have to say… I’m a color whore.  I love color!  I have a great appreciation for black and white but I see the world in color.  So far all the senior picture model shoots for 2015 have been pretty subdued so I had to mix it up a bit.  The models for this shoot were perfect- super fun and sassy!  I knew they could pull it off.  I envisioned clean vivid colorful backgrounds with small sets for each girl in the pop art style.  So I asked my stylist Kelly to make it happen….. and she produced.  Kelly is amazing! No matter what I ask her for she always come through.  I have no idea where she finds all this cool stuff but she does.  And if she can’t find it, she makes it. So we have our models and the set created and now we need the fashion.  Bright colors and geometric prints are indicative of this time so we head to the mall.  This was a hard shoot to style because the clothes were hard to find.  Finally we found enough fun separates at Ross in Yakima.  I pulled together several outfits and accessories that I knew would look good with the sets we created.  Thank you Ross for the use of the clothes.  We also found an inexpensive pair of pumps that kelly spray painted vivid blue and heart shaped glasses. Gaylyn’s Salon did a great job on the hair and makeup as always.  Thank you Gaylyn’s Salon and a big thank you to all the models that pulled this off flawlessly!

senior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shoot

This next fun senior picture model shoot is called Black Rain. The idea was inspired by a model shoot I did a year ago.  I was photographing the beautiful Alex at a lodge on Snoqualmie pass and it started pouring rain at the end of the shoot.  Instead of calling it quits, we wrapped the camera equipment in plastic bags and kept shooting.  I back lit my subject and added a little fog and got some amazing images which you can view here. This got me thinking that I should try a rain theme for one of my senior picture model sessions.  I’d have to create an indoor set that made rain and then have a way to catch the water in a tank of some kind.  My resourceful stylist Kelly found a friend that would allow us to create this water set in his shop. As you can imagine this was quite a project.  It took several days of planning and about 14 hours to build the set. I’m so thankful Kelly’s husband Jay was willing to help us. We suspended sprinklers from an overhead structure and the water collected into a 2×4 framework that was covered in black plastic on the ground. A water pump was set up to keep the frame from overflowing with water and flooding the shop. A black fabric background was needed because the black plastic created too much glare. I used a main soft box and a two light set up for the background lights to illuminate the falling water.  All the model wore black and we used bright accessories for a pop of color.  All the models were so amazing.  It was spring time and the water came from the hose.  As you can imaging it was not warm but I didn’t hear one complain from these girls.  They splashed, played and even laid down in the water when I asked them.  I’m very happy with the images  I got from this model shoot. There are some things that I’d do different if I end up doing it again but it was a great experience and a lot of fun.  Thank you Gaylyn’s Salon for the make up and hair and a big thanks to Corey for the use of his shop and Jay for all his help with the set.  If you’re interested in becoming a Photonuvo senior picture model please apply here before January your Junior year.

senior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shoot

I got my inspiration for this senior picture model shoot from the movie Frozen. Coming up with the ideas for my model shoot’s is always fun!   I look for inspiration from movies, album covers and fashion magazines. I just happen to have a 10 year old and she loves this movie. As you might expect… I’ve watched this movie more times then I care to admit. I love the high key white on white look so I used this as the foundation of this model shoot.  The models I envisioned as winter fairies thus using lace, fur and feathers for the the bulk of the fashion.  We found white lacey dresses from Fred Meyer here in Ellensburg and used additional items from my prop room to create the look I was after.  My talented stylist, Kelly, created the set by sawing down baby birch trees from her property.  She spray painted them white and accented them with dabs of black paint. She figured out how to get them to stay upright and then hauled them up my stairs to my studio and stuffed them all in.  The day before the shoot we spent several hours creating an all white background that filled my shooting bay, added the trees and brought in an old vintage chair and a lantern from the prop room. The day of the shoot Gaylyn’s Salon did an amazing job of creating fun, fairy hair with soft beautiful makeup.  The styling was a little tricky pulling together the lacey white dresses with the fur/feather accessories but it all came together.  The models were supper fun to work and I absolutely love the final images. This senior picture model shoot was a success thanks to Gaylyn’s Salon, Fred Meyer’s and all my beautiful fairy models.  If you’re interested in becoming a Photonuvo senior picture model please apply here before January your Junior year.

senior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shoot


For this senior picture model shoot, I wanted to create a look and feel similar to the movie Ocean’s Eleven with Brad Pitt.  We had two guy models signed up for this shoot so it was important to keep it edgy and cool.  The location can be the tricky part for these sessions. I wanted the look and feel of a casino or fancy night club but since all my models are high school seniors taking them to a night club was not an option.  The next best thing could be the inside of a theater with cool lighting, rich velvet seating and ornate decor.  The Capitol Theater in Yakima was the perfect fit.  I contacted the general manager and explained what I wanted to do.  She was absolutely wonderful and we scheduled a couple hours to do the shoot the following month. Now it was time to focus on the clothes for this senior picture model shoot.  To keep with the glamorous feel of the movie, I chose nice suites for the guys and sleek cocktail dresses for the girls.  Finally the day of the shoot arrived and after completing hair and makeup at Gaylyn’s Salon we headed to the theater where the models got dressed while I scouted places to photograph inside the theater. There were so many interesting places to photograph I had to quickly narrow it down to my favorite 5 locations- one for each model and then a group image.  It was so much fun to photograph in such a beautiful building.  I love working in low light and I was able to create some interesting images with the use of my power pack and speedlights.  After working with the images in photoshop I chose to convert several of them into black and white.  Thank you to Gaylyn’s Salon for the fabulous hair and makeup, to the Capitol Theater for generously allowing us to photograph there and to my fabulous models! If you’re interested in becoming a Photonuvo senior picture model please apply here before January your Junior year.

Senior picture model session photonuvosenior picture model shootSenior Picture Model Shootsenior  picture model shootsenior picture model shoot

Such a beautiful and sweet girl, I really enjoyed photographing Willa’s senior pictures. It was the perfect day and I have a favorite park on the westside of town where we went for her outside images. I hauled my red velvet sofa to the location and it looked amazing with the bright yellow grass and trees. Willa was at easy in front of the camera and moved like a professional model! High-school-senior-pictures-waHigh-school-senior-pics-washingtonHigh-school-senior-pics-photonuvosenior-pictures-washington-photonuvo

Blair is a fun, outgoing senior at West Valley High School. She is also an accomplished pianist and wanted a piano to be part of her senior pictures. Since most piano’s are located in dark churches or performance halls, I purchased a baby grand piano last spring and had the sounding board removed to make it light enough to haul around. My goal was to be able to offer students like Blair artistic and interesting images with their favorite instrument… the piano! We photographed in the studio for the beginning of her session then headed out to an old country road. I thought it would be cool to put the piano right in the middle of the road!  It was really fun photographing Blair with the piano. I could tell that it was very meaningful for her and this is why I love my job!Yakima-wa-photonuvo-senior-pictures Senior-pictures-Yakima-wa-photonuvo

Happy birthday Emma!  Emma is turning 14 and we had a great time at her portrait party! She chose a “Sunset Denim” theme for her party so I used one of my favorite backdrops that looks like the sun. All the girls wore pink or yellow shirts and jeans. For each of the portrait party’s, I design the party invites and thank you cards for the girls to hand out so everything is custom to their party. I had a super fun time with Emma!  Thanks for sharing you birthday with me!portrait-party-birthday fun-tween-party-ideas birthday-portrait-party's-photonuvotween-photo-party-photonuvo

Happy Birthday Megan. I had so much fun helping Megan celebrate her birthday with a portrait party. I love how excited all the girls are. Megan wanted a “Red, White and Denim” party theme so all the girls wore their favorite white shirt and fancy bling jeans. I used a white seamless backdrop for a high key look for their individual pics and then pulled out my velvet red sofa and chandeliers for the group shots. Happy, happy 12th birthday Megan!!birthday-party-photos-photonuvoportrait-party-ideas-tweens fun-tween-party-ideas birthday-party-portraitsparty-ideas-tweens

Madeline is very interested in modeling and she did a model session with me to get some experience behind the camera and to get some solid test shots. She was very outgoing and moved amazingly well. I really enjoyed photographing her.Fashion-Catalog-model-images-photonvuyofashion-images-headshotsfashion-images-headshots-catalogcatalog-headshot-images-photonuvo

I got to photograph these cute little guys right before Christmas. Sonny and Carly were pretty shy so I photographed them with their owner first to get them used to the flash and then I got a few shots of them in a little red chair. Very sweet pooches! Pet-photography-dogs pet-photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions! Julia and Erique hired a friend to photograph their wedding day but didn’t get any great pictures of just the two of them. So Erique called me up and we made a plan to photograph them in their wedding day attire one month after their actual wedding date. Julia had her hair and makeup done again and they brought her dress to the studio. I have to say that they are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with. Erique just adored Julia and they were so cute together. I did a high key set up in the studio and the images are stunning with their dark features on the white backdrop. We then headed outside to the park. Julia’s dress was fabulous and I wanted to show the train. I used a flash head behind them with a small aperture to burn in the sky. The weather was perfect and the fall colors really made for the perfect photo shoot.Wedding-photographswedding-photography fun-wedding-photography

I had a ball with these beautiful girls! Their mom, Dayna, wanted to get portraits of her girls for Christmas. Dayna was interested in gallery wraps for the walls of her home & office and also images for Christmas presents. We decided to photograph in the studio where it would be warm for little Kamryn. I used my red sofa and chandeliers. The older girls wore black shirts and we put Kamryn in white. Kamryn was so much fun and the older girls could really make her laugh. They all were so sweet and fun to be around!

fun-family-photography-children childrens-photographer


Oh my… I got lots of baby snuggles from this little guy. Callum is only ten days old and I couldn’t believe how alert he was. He was watching everything I did. He was full of great expressions too. I didn’t want to stop photographing him and miss any of them. baby-photography baby-photographs

Meet Duke the labradoodle! Oh so sweet …and handsome too! Gary wanted some images of his best friend and I think we got some cute ones!pet-photography

Nancy is a past clients of mine and she wanted to give her mom a beautiful picture of her most cherished kitty’s, Tinker and Jazzy as a Christmas present. We schedule her appointment and decided to have her bring the kitty’s to the studio so her mom would not find out. Now it’s very challenging to photograph cats. They are fickle creatures and not the least bit interested in getting their picture taken! It took about 20 minutes for the cats to get used to their new environment and Nancy did a great job of making them feel safe. We then coaxed them onto the sofa with some treats and cat toys. They finally settled down and I was able to get some beautiful images of the felines. They really are pretty kitty’s!pet-photography

I really enjoyed photographing Sheena and Justin. They are expecting their first child in a month and so full of excitement. I marveled at what a striking couple they are together. I can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy. Maternity-photography

I just love the LaValley family!  Our kids go to school together so I’ve gotten to know them well over the last couple of years. They are a family who like spending time outside. It was fall and the leaves on their property were turning yellow so I suggested that we haul their sofa outside and pile everyone on it.  Julie also has the biggest, most impressive garden I have ever seen so I thought it would be fun to take a few pictures in the garden. All the kiddo’s loaded into the wheelbarrow and it made for a really cute picture!family-photographsfamily-portraitsfamily-photographerfun-family-photographs

Such a sweetie pie! Mikaela just got a new skirt for her birthday and wanted to wear it for the photo shoot. She was so full of energy, I finally tried to have her sit in the bucket so I could grab a shot of her but she had a better idea. She flipped it over, stood on it and threw her hands up in the air!  We all yelled “hooray”?adorable-childrens-photography

I photographed this session in the studio before Christmas. The Jennings are very fun and easy going. I talked with Tiffany prior to the session and we decided the family would wear flannel shirts and jeans. I photographed them on my white seamless backdrop so the family would really stand out. I really enjoyed capturing this moment in time for their family!family-portraits

Aindrea contacted me right before Christmas and wanted to get her husband, Corey, a portrait of their girls and family dog for Christmas. The lab was getting old and she really wanted a nice picture before he got sick. The girls just adored their doggie and loved on him the whole session. family-photography

I love my job! I get to spend time with the most amazing people and their families. Courtney and Jim bought one of my family photo sessions at the Christian School auction and we decided to photograph their session in late September. The weather was perfect! We chose Olmstead State Park were there would be plenty of room for the boys to run around. I photograph the boy every year at the Christian School for their school pictures. The boys were great and rambunctious like little boys should be and little Janie stole my heart. What a pumpkin!family-photography-ellensburg family-photographer-ellensburg

Iron Horse Brewery hired me to photograph merchandise to sell on their website. I had a lot of fun working on this project and always love working with Iron Horse! Plus they have great beer!merchandise-photos merchandise-photography-iron-horse merchandise-photography-iron-horse-brewery