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Bohemian fashion is making a statement in all the stores this year so I let the fashion decide this senior picture model shoot.  I just love the Boho fashions and they are in abundance in all the stores. We found plenty of adorable outfits for this model shoot at TJ Maxx.  Since it was a winter shoot we decided to create a set in the studio that would compliment the clothes so the models wouldn’t freeze.  Kelly created this one on her own.  She had a very cool vision of pallets and tumble weed light shades. She and her hubby hauled 18 gigantic, very heavy pallets up my flight and a half of stairs to use for the foundation of the set. She also found and collected a large quantity of tumble weeks, some of which were very thorny.  (Not quite sure how I got out of all the hauling for this set but I did)  She then turned my studio into an amazing set for this model shoot. The models had a great time and were perfect for this shoot. Thank you Gaylyn’s Salon for the fabulous hair and makeup and to all the models who rocked the fashion and to Kelly who created this amazing set.

senior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shootsenior picture model shoot

Such a beautiful and sweet girl, I really enjoyed photographing Willa’s senior pictures. It was the perfect day and I have a favorite park on the westside of town where we went for her outside images. I hauled my red velvet sofa to the location and it looked amazing with the bright yellow grass and trees. Willa was at easy in front of the camera and moved like a professional model! High-school-senior-pictures-waHigh-school-senior-pics-washingtonHigh-school-senior-pics-photonuvosenior-pictures-washington-photonuvo

Such a delightful person!  I really enjoyed working both with her and her mom.  Taryn is a model for me this year and she did the School House Model Shoot. Her mom came and was so helpful organizing and hauling clothes and props. I always appreciate the extra set of hands. Taryn did an amazing job at her model shoot and looked fabulous in the yellow jeggings I gave her to wear! For her senior session she wanted mostly outdoor images but she brought her friend Amber with her to her session so I did a photobooth of the two of them before we headed outside. senior-pictures-washington-photonuvo photonuvo-senior-pictures-washington photobooth-senior-pics-washington

I really enjoyed working with MacKenzie and her mom Toni.  They have great ideas and planned several locations in the area for us to photograph her senior pictures.  We started in the studio and MacKenzie brought some killer outfits!  Love the mint green leather jacket with her skin tone and blonde hair.  We then headed out to some private land and photographed her last two outfits.  MacKenzie was also a model for me this year and she was in the School Model Shoot. Toni also came to that shoot and was a big help organizing the outfits and jewelry.  Thank you Toni and thank you MacKenzie for your big smile and letting me be part of your senior pictures! MacKenzie’s friend Ali was at her senior picture session so I did a photobooth of them together.High-school-senior-pictures-washington High-school-senior-picture-washingtonPhotobooth-senior-pics

Ally was really fun to work with for her senior pictures.  She came with her mom and sister and she chose the Unique Session. She was also a model for me and modeled in the Winter Wonderland Shoot.  Check it out here.  Ally is a big softball player and I love the images I captured of her with her bat and mitt in the studio.  She is a classic beauty with her big smile and blue eyes!senior-pics-ellensburg-wa-photonuvo

senior pictures

Ashely is a cheerleader at East Valley High School and wanted some fun senior pics in her cheer uniform.  I decided to photograph these on a clean white backdrop so she’d really stand out.  We played around with some fun poses.  For her outside session she liked the ideas of the urban feel of the city so we scouted the streets for some cool locations.  Ashley and her mom added an extra location at the Yakima River to round out her session.photonuvo-senior-pictures-yakima senior-pics-yakima-photonuvo

fashionable senior pics in cheer uniform

Stephanie is a senior at West Valley High School. I really enjoyed photographing her at her model shoot.  Very beautiful and natural in front of the camera. I photographed her older sister’s senior pictures a couple years ago and I just adore both girls. Stephanie did a job shadow with me since she is interested in photography and I really enjoyed working with her.

fun fashionable senior pics

I’m excited to share Aunna’s senior pictures.  She came to me in the spring wanting to get her pictures done right before graduation.  She will be graduating from CleElum High School.  I had a blast photographing her!  I love getting to know my clients and their families as we walk between locations and both she and her mother we super sweet.  She wanted a collegiate feel, so what better place then CWU campus.  We then went back to the studio to finish up her inside photographs.  Love the images we created!CleElum-photonuvo-senior-pictures

Unique senior pictures


Mackenzie was so easy to photograph and super fun to hang out with.  She was game to try anything and never hesitated when I asked her to hop on top of the central air unit when the fan kicked on.  Visions of Marilyn Monroe popped into my head and she pulled it of perfectly!  For her studio images, she brought all her cheer jersey’s which we styled around her on a white backdrop and I used a higher cameral angle.  I also used my fun chandeliers in her studio images.

senior pictures kittitas high school photonuvosenior pictures kittitas high schoolsenior pictures kittitas high school

Just loved photographing Diana for her senior pictures.  She was a natural behind the camera and fun to work with. Diana choose my Unique Session which includes studio photography and also location photography.  She wanted an urban look so we found some cool spots in the alley’s just outside my photography studio.

This model shoot was so much fun.  It turned out to be a beautiful day. Weather is always a concern when photographing outside but all went smooth. I constructed the set the night before because we were photographing on private property so it made it easy the day of the shoot. The idea came from an image I found on Pinterest. It was a different style cloth tent but I was struggling with finding the right fabric to make it look cool so I came up with the idea of a more traditional teepee. I had all the fabric & poles and made the inside of the tee pee interesting by using fur coats and pillows. My friend Kelly let me borrow old colored lamp shades that we hung outside the teepee along with an old vintage quilt. We went for a modern hippy look for the clothes. It was perfect.  Thank you to Gaylyn’s Salon for the hair and makeup and Maurices for the clothes.

Loved this shoot! I felt so fortunate to have been granted access to a very funky old abandoned building in Ellensburg. It made this model shoot possible. Inside the building there is a beautiful velvet pew which gave us the inspiration for the styling. Whimsy Couture was born. My sister was able to help style and we decided to go with a soft, lacy feel all in cream… although this proved harder that we thought. The clothing store only had one skirt in cream so we ended up making several of the models skirts out of tops pulled down around their hips. My mother had several lace pieces that she let us use and also all the short white gloves. I used reflectors, my elinchrom with a soft box, a big flashlight and a speed light for lighting. I had fun photographing in a big mirror that was left in the building. It’s hard to tell but it was freezing inside the building and we had to keep the models wrapped in blankets while they were waiting to be photographed.  They all did such a great job!  Thank you models, Gaylyn’s Salon, Maurices and Carolyn Hamilton stylist.

My two youngest children play basketball in Ellensburg at Morgan Middle School. The gym at the school is old and the bleachers are all wood.  It has this wonderful vintage look about it. I love this gym and decided to use it as a scene for one of my model shoots this year. This became the Vintage Beauty shoot and I wanted it to have a very high fashion look yet use simple ordinary elements in it. I asked the models to bring their prom dresses with them and I pulled together some fun props. I love the look of the warm wood and also the bright colored lockers. I used my elinchrome with a soft box and a flash head with a warm gel on it to light the girls hair and lockers. I pushed the images a little more than normal in post processing to give it a dreamy look. Thank you to all the models for making this shoot a big success and thank you to Gaylyn’s Salon for the hair and makeup.

This was a really fun yet challenging shoot.  I wanted to do a military style shoot but couldn’t find the right clothes.  So I networked with Pink with Envy, a really cool second hand store in Ellensburg.  They carry a great selection of gently used designer clothes and they had a fun collection of military style pieces that we could use.  My sister, model and belly dancer extraordinaire, was home on maternity leave so she helped with the styling for this shoot. I created flags from sheets at Goodwill and we borrowed some bamboo flags from a friend.  This was our second outside model session of the season and the weather was not cooperating.  It was raining and even though I kept a positive attitude (or some people might call it denial) the rain did not stop.  By the time the girls were done with their hair and makeup, we needed to find new location. I really wanted to shoot this outside so I headed to the overpass hoping that the freeway would protect us from the rain and it was the right call. It was very cold but the girls were tough.  I used my elinchrom and a giant flashlight for lighting. Again, another successful shoot.  Thanks to Gaylyn’s Salon and Pink with Envy and Sylist Carolyn Hamilton.  And always a big thanks to my models!

Senior pictures only happen once in your life time!  It’s one of those milestones that I believe should be recognized. My model program takes getting your senior pictures to the next level.  It’s a great experience for anyone who wants to try modeling or just see what it would be like to be a model for a day.  You don’t have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to get in.  This is an opportunity to build self-esteem in yourself and others. My model shoots usually are made up of 5 models.  They might all be from the same school or all different schools.  I love how the girls bond though out the day.  Even if they didn’t know each other to start, they are friends by the end of the day and are always so supportive of each other.  I feel so lucky to work with such amazing people!  This shoot was inspired by a high fashion editorial in W Magazine.  We found clothes at Maurices with an oriental feel and Tokyo Dream was born.  I purchased chinese lanterns and fans online and created backdrops with fabric and screens that I found either at second hand stores or from friends and family. Lighting was very important to give the shoot a romantic feel.  I used a neutral density filter to capture the ambient light in the red set and I used yellow gels coming through the screens to add warmth to the brighter set.  Both sets were build in my studio.  Gaylyn’s Salon did a wonderful job on hair and makeup and thank you Maurices for the wardrobe.  Always a big thanks to my wonderful model who make these shoots a big success!

Our model program has become quite popular and has grown every year.  I love photographing the girls at their model session in full makeup and hair and then photograph them again for their senior pictures.  It can be quite a dramatic difference.  I think both the girls and parents are surprised at what an asteem building experience it can be for them. For this shoot, I wanted to play with geometric designs and repeating patterns.  I pulled clothes from Maurices and they had a great collection of black and white so I build the set around that.  I found the perfect fabric for the background.  My mother, who is an amazing seamstress helped me sew it together. My husband got some used tires from Les Schwab and I painted the tread white so the black showed through.  I added a few fun props like chinese lanterns, umbrella and stuffed animals.  My sister, carolyn, and I built the set in my studio the day before and she also helped style the clothes. The girls all moved well and my sister showed them some model poses.  I think it was a big success.  Thanks to Gaylyn’s Salon, Maurices and Carolyn for all your help with the shoot.

Val was one of my models this year and she wanted her senior pictures taken on her property by Liberty. I really love traveling and photographing at new locations so I drove up for an afternoon session.  It was really important to Val that we get some images with her horse. Val had this amazing red prom dress and her horse is an appaloosa so I thought that would look fabulous… and it did. We worked in the field and then headed back to the house where we used the manicured lawn as a background.  At the very end of the session as it was getting late, we trekked down to the river and got some shots of Val in the water.  It was so cold but Val was totally game and jumped right it.  Got a love it!

A good portion of my senior clients travel to me for their senior pictures and Emily is no exception.  She attends Highland High School and was referred to me by a friend.  She loved my work so she decided to make the short drive to Ellensburg.  I really like the images we created of her.  We worked inside the studio and then headed to the park for her outside session.  She wanted to be in nature and get the rich colors of summer.

Brooke is a senior at Prosser High School and she came all the way to Ellensburg so I could take her senior pictures.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing all her older siblings and now it was her turn.  I had a lot of fun with Brooke.  She is very outgoing and loves sports.  I got some edgy shots of her with her sports gear and also a couple shots with her favorite girly backpack.  We had fun blowing bubble on her for the shot!

Sarah is a high school senior attending Benton City High School. She really wanted fashionable images for her senior pictures so I used punchy lighting for her inside session with the fan and then headed to the train station where we used the building and train cars for a background.  The park was our last stop and I found some interesting places to photograph with the water and yellow grass.  Sarah has an amazing smile and big beautiful eyes.  She definitely made my job easy!

I loved that Sara chose me to take her senior pictures.  She attends the Christian School Academy outside of Moses Lake, Wa so she had to travel quit a distance to come to Ellensburg for her senior pics. Sara has a vintage beauty about her.  She reminded me of a movie star from the 40’s 0r 50’s era. Sara wanted the second half of her session outdoors, so we headed out to Olmstead State park near kittitas where we got some very pretty images of her.

Okay, I loved working with Brittni for her senior pictures.  She was outgoing, fun and kept us laughing the whole session.  Brittni was very at ease in front of the camera and we had a great time getting beautiful images of her to use for her senior pics.

Kramer came to me to get his senior pictures done this fall.  He is a big athlete and loves football so we did some cool shots inside with his football gear.   We then found a location at the park with the Yakima River in the background.  It was a beautiful fall day and we captured some great images of Kramer.  Check out his senior pictures below.

So Exciting!  Images from our first three model shoots are now on display in the Daily Record windows on Main Street in Ellensburg.  These are 20 x 30 prints of all the models participating in the first few model sessions and they are creating quite a buzz!  Congratulations to Rachel Roll, Kaely Sauriol, Samantha Simmons, Sierra Wammock, Ashley Ommen, Brett Almon, Briana Nelson, Chandler Forman, Mackenzie Forman, Brooke Reeves, Diana Acevedo, Elyssa Granger, Fabio Pena, and Rachel Hall.   A display of your images is also up at Gaylyn’s Salon.  Come check them out if you’re in town.  Here are a few snap shots from my iphone.