Choose From the Following Senior Sessions

  • Simplicity Session– $85 Want to keep it simple? Then this is the session for you. Always fun and innovative, this session will take place in the comfort of the studio. Perfect for the senior who wants great photos without all the fuss. Includes a 35-minute session, two outfits, 25 images to choose from, and a viewing appointment. Minimum print collection purchase required: $365.
  • Unique Session– $149 Our most popular session! This beefed-up version of the above is just as fun and creative but with more options. The Unique Session includes a studio location and one other location within 6 miles of the city limit. Be prepared to cut loose and let your personality dictate the pace — shy and sophisticated, wild and crazy, or artsy and reflective. Be yourself and trust that we’ll capture the unique you. Includes a 1.5-hour session, four outfits, 60 images to choose from, plus a photo stylist and viewing appointment. Minimum print collection purchase required: $365.
  • Fashion Session– $285 Here’s your opportunity to go all out and express yourself! This session is perfect for the fashion conscious senior. Professional hair and makeup by Head to Toe Salon, which makes a big difference in the overall look of the shoot, is included in this session. Many of our seniors have used images from this session to break into modeling and to use in model portfolios. Session starts in the studio, then moves outside to two more locations within 15 miles of the city limits. We’ll have plenty of time to capture fun, creative, fashionable images. Includes a three-hour session, three to four different “looks,” 90 images to choose from, plus a photo stylist and viewing appointment. $1,000 minimum print collection purchase required.
  • Urban Session– $480 Looking for something completely unique for your senior pictures? Then grab your best friend & mom, and we’ll head to the big city to photograph you in the downtown Seattle area and also your favorite beach. We’ll have a blast capturing images of you individually and then some fun shots of you and your best friend together. This will be a day you won’t forget, and you’ll have amazing images to remember it by. Perfect for the small-town girl with a big-city heart! Session is meant for two people (split session fee- $240 each) and includes planning session, city and beach locations in Seattle area, 3 different “looks,” 90 plus images to choose from per person, photo stylist and viewing appointment. $2,400 minimum print collection purchase required (split the collection purchase: $1,200 each) If you’d like to do this session alone, the minimum print collection purchase is $1600 and session fee is $480.

Travel outside of Ellensburg is welcomed and can be added onto the Unique or Fashion Session. Travel cost and time is calculated at $1 per mile from our downtown Ellensburg studio location.