Senior Picture Experience

Every senior picture experience is unique. It’s created by the photographer’s personality and philosophy as much as their products and procedures. We want to tell you all about Photonuvo, what we do and why, so you will know exactly what to expect when you choose us as your senior picture studio.

We take time at the beginning of the each session to listen to our senior’s ideas and to ask them questions about themselves. Usually, we begin the session at our studio. Seniors are always encouraged to bring extra options for clothing and accessories. Props from hobbies or sports are also welcome. We pull everything together and make a plan for locations, outfits, and posing ideas. This gives us an opportunity to find out what is important to our client and gives the senior a chance to get to know both me and my assistant and to feel confident about how the session will progress.

Because every senior is unique, no two photography sessions are the same. That’s one of the reasons that senior sessions are so much fun! As we photograph, we provide many suggestions about how to move and pose, but the images are created in the process of working together. Our goal is to help seniors have fun and feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Then, the pictures can capture who they really are.

A favorite part of our senior picture experience is the viewing appointment. All the images from the session are projected onto a large screen. Seniors and their families share seeing the pictures for the first time together! This becomes such a celebration and often is an emotional event filled with laughter and tears. We feel so very fortunate to play a part in creating those wonderful moments! After all the images are seen and enjoyed, we are there to help as you begin to select your favorite pictures and decide how you would like to share and display them. We have many examples of prints and wall portraits to provide inspiration. Each senior and family is unique, so we offer a variety of collections and print options as well as digital images.

The goal of our senior picture experience is to provide outstanding images that capture each senior as a unique individual. Whether those images are traditional and classic or creative and extraordinary, we want our seniors and their families to have pictures they’ll love for many years to come.

If you would like more information, or would like to schedule a senior picture session, please call our Photonuvo Studio at 509-962-9404.