Hadley’s wilderness senior pictures are some of our favorites of the season! One of the things we try to do with every senior we photograph is to capture what makes that person uniquely who they are. So, it’s really fun to photograph a friend that we know very well. We were very excited about the session and confident that Hadley was ready for the hiking and climbing involved.

Hadley’s session was great! She planned a location that was amazing. It made a perfect backdrop for both her creativity and adventurous spirit. The high rock cliffs provided dramatic perspectives. Hadley was fearless, much more so than us! (I have to say a big thank you to Julie for the stunt double lighting:) The high images are contrasted by the soft, green pictures that were taken around the beautiful mountain pool. We loved the images from her session… and we loved spending a wonderful evening with Hadley and Julie. Ladies, thanks for your friendship and for letting us hike out to take pictures with you.

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