I’m always looking to learn new techniques that will keep my photography fresh and give my clients something new and different. I just had the privilege of photographing Riley from Ellensburg.  He is one of my models so I happen to know that he is a musician.  I wanted to create a scene in studio that was edgy and cool with his electric guitar. He also brought along his acoustic and wanted to do something more organic feeling, so we headed outside to the train tracks.  It was midday and the sun was hot so I used my light unit and soft box and we were able to get some creative images in full sun.  He also wanted to get a few shots of his car which happens to be a very big Lincoln Continental.  It was in great shape and looked like the ultimate fun mobile for a high schooler!  We finished his session at the park with some more traditional senior pics.  Here is a sneak peak of a few of my favorite images from his session.