This steam punk senior model shoot was inspired by the fashion that flooded the scene a few years ago. Many movies have been made with a steam punk look and many fashion shoots have been done around this style. It definitely intrigued me and I had to give it a try!  I approached the Yakima Valley Trolley Station about a possible model shoot there and got a very warm welcome.  After scouting the location, I knew it would be perfect! The station not only had a great look, it had the most beautiful light!

Now for the clothes. The styling would be the hardest part of the shoot. I love the vintage, yet modern twist that steam punk offers. It incorporates some of the textures and silhouettes of historical clothing, but adds a modern, fantastical edge. However, if not done perfectly…. it could look more like a Halloween costume party gone wrong than the fashionable steam punk style that I wanted. I spent a lot of time looking for the key pieces to accessorize with. I began with those and built each outfit around them.

The thing that brought the whole concept together was the models. They were fabulous! To pull off the theme took a theatrical flare and they all did the most amazing job! The steam punk senior model shoot turned out to be one of my all time favorites and Tahleiya’s picture eventually won a place in the Hot 100 Senior Photographer’s international contest.

photonuvo-steam-punk-senior-model-dressed-steampunk-style-sitting-on-train-steps-surrounded-by-steam steam punk model shoot