This was one of my favorite sessions! Julia and Erique hired a friend to photograph their wedding day but didn’t get any great pictures of just the two of them. So Erique called me up and we made a plan to photograph them in their wedding day attire one month after their actual wedding date. Julia had her hair and makeup done again and they brought her dress to the studio. I have to say that they are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with. Erique just adored Julia and they were so cute together. I did a high key set up in the studio and the images are stunning with their dark features on the white backdrop. We then headed outside to the park. Julia’s dress was fabulous and I wanted to show the train. I used a flash head behind them with a small aperture to burn in the sky. The weather was perfect and the fall colors really made for the perfect photo shoot.Wedding-photographswedding-photography fun-wedding-photography