Allie’s expressive senior pictures are the result of her ability to create a photography session that was uniquely her own. Seniors, in general, have a way of being very present and making their sessions personal. In fact, we find that senior picture sessions are as diverse as our clients. Every session seems to take on its own quality, guided by the personality, interests, and priorities of the senior being photographed. Truthfully, that is the big reason we love taking senior pictures! Every session is different, not only in terms of the pictures, but also of the overall experience.

If a photographer can remain open to the possibility of each session, then the client can step into that possibility with their own individuality. However, not every client knows instinctively what to do when someone points a camera at them! They might need a bit of guidance from the photographer at the beginning of the session. The challenge is to provide just enough help, giving the senior to have time to relax, without taking over. Too many instructions can cause the client to simply withdraw and wait to be told what to do.

Allie was one of those seniors who had a talented way of being instantly at ease in front of the camera, from the very beginning of her session. Her confidence made her fun to photograph. We loved the way she could make very subtle changes in her facial expressions, which made her pictures not only beautiful, but compelling as well. Some of our favorite pictures were the dramatic, fashion type images taken in the studio. Allie wasn’t afraid to use character and expression to create moody, interesting poses. And, all that gorgeous hair added so much movement and drama! We think her expressive senior pictures captured Allie’s confidence and personality. We had such a great time with Allie and her mom. Thank you ladies! We’ve enjoyed getting to know you both!

expressive senior pictures of girl against teal background with long hair blowing scenic senior picture of girl in red dress kneeling in shallow river with trees reflected in water senior portrait of girl with hand in hair smiling with fall colored leaves behind her senior portrait of girl wearing red dress smiling in front of fall foliage Senior girl sitting on roof of old pickup in a field beautiful girl wearing white in front of white background during studion senior pictures girl wearing white against white background in studio during expressive senior pictures senior girl in red dress leaning against a rock smiling